Monday, February 27, 2012


On Day 18 of EDU 255, another group of students, Kim, Dan, and Devon, taught their Lab C on the international sport called "Omnikin". Class started with Kim teaching the Kindergarten lesson about how to keep the Omnikin ball up in the air, but she modified her lesson for this grade level by using beach balls which are small and soft enough for Kindergarten students to hit. Everyone enjoyed the hook she used which was try not to break the Easter egg; this hook helped so much because it gave everyone a clear idea of how to actually play Omnikin, and to always keep the ball in the air or else your going to break your egg. Next was Dan, who taught the 4th-8th grade lesson, which focused on the serve of the Omnikin ball. Dan always has great energy when he teaches and his enthusiasm forces you to want to learn what ever he's teaching. Last was Devon, who taught the 12th grade lesson, which focused on defending the serve from other team. Devon did a great job telling us about the history of Omnikin and some fun facts about the sport. Devon explain that in order to defend the serve, group members had to work together and he incorporated 3 C's to remember: Caring, Cooperation, and most importantly Communication. Overall this group did a great job keeping everyone active and excited to play this awesome game of Omnikin. 

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