Friday, February 17, 2012

Preparation For Lab C

On day 14 of EDU 255, we were in the classroom again. We started off with more word puzzles that we did from last class and I was better this time solving the puzzles. Professor Yang then set up the groups and dates that we will be teaching on and I'm teaching Wednesday, February 22nd; my game is called "Hantis", and it seems like a great game to teach from and I think the class will definitely enjoy playing it. After, we went into our groups to discuss our ideas for our games and each group has their personal TA; my group consist of Mike, Kyle, and myself with the help from our personal TA Cassandra. Cassandra came up with great ideas that we can use in our lessons such as the type of equipment to use for specific grade levels and the type of progressions we can use so the class runs smoothly when we're teaching. My group is going first, so we're going to have to get started right away and set the tone for Lab C. It's going to be a lot pressure on my group due to the amount of time we have to get ready and especially being the first group to go; but I think we're going to do alright because we have help from our TA Cassandra, whose a great help and she taught the same  game last semester when she took EDU 255.

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