Monday, February 6, 2012


On day 9 of EDU 255, we continued our preparation for Lab B, which is teaching a jump rope skill for 5-7 minutes using all aspects of teaching. We talked more with Professor Yang and the TA’s on the things we should be focusing on and what we should keep in mind when teaching. We practiced our jump rope skills that we will be teaching and I feel very confident abot my skill which is the double side swing and jump technique. After practicing our skills, we did the activity “shotgun” again that we did last class, which is an activity that splits the class up into groups of 2-4 people, and each group has to do one aspect of teaching on the specific task of jump roping. Everyone did a great job on the section they had to do and as a class we’re improving everyday that we come to class. We finally went down to the classroom to discuss more about blogging with “Zemanta”, and what Professor Yang will be expecting from us during our jump rope lessons.

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