Monday, February 13, 2012

Finishing up Lab B

On day 12 of EDU 255, we saw the last few people do their teaching for Lab B. There was definitely  a lot of improvement from the first time I saw my classmates teach in Lab A. There were a lot of positives shown and I think the students today did a great job putting the ending touches to this lab. Some things that I liked that I saw was Dave and Mike's use of progressions to make sure everyone was able to do the skills correctly. Dan had really good energy and I liked how Patrick's lesson had great cues and it flowed pretty well. Stephanie definitely created the best visual aids for her class rules and cues. All the lessons were a lot of fun and it seemed  like everyone who taught today had a lot of confidence in their ability and it showed. Everyone had great hooks that were catchy to get everyone engaged into the lessons. Professor Yang incorporated behavior problems in some of the lessons, and Mike wasn't really aware of his students fighting and leaving the class which was somewhat amusing because he really had no idea what happen until Professor Yang told him after his lesson; but Patrick handled his situation great, showing that he's ready for any challenges when teaching. By showing us some behavioral problems while we're teaching will prepare us for what to look for when we actually start working in schools, and this also teaches us that we must always keep our eyes on our students at all times because you never know what's going on when your back is turned. Overall everyone did a great job with Lab B, and we're making big strides towards becoming future rock-star P.E teachers.

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