Friday, February 3, 2012

Preparation For Lab B

On day 8 of EDU 255, we went straight into working on our lessons that we will teach for Lab B. I begin to brainstorm different ideas of what I plan on doing and I got some feedback and help from all of the TA's. Next we did a small activity with one of our TA's name Sunnie, who told us to say "I can do polka, I can do a split, I can do a tap dance just like this" and to see how many jumps you can get in a row without stopping. I got all the way to 35 jumps until my knees and chins started to hurt. We then went back into practicing for our Lab B lessons with more brainstorming with the TA's. I feel more confident now in what I'm going to teach and how I will present it to the class. After brainstorming, Professor Yang introduced another activity called "shotgun", which is an activity that splits the class up into groups of 2-4 people, and each group has to do one aspect of teaching on the topic of hula-hooping; one group had instant activity, another had introduction, another had signal for attention and etc. down to closure. This was great and was really helpful on knowing what to say and do during your own lesson at the right time during your lesson.

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