Monday, February 20, 2012


On day 15 of EDU 255, professor Yang started us off with word and picture puzzles again, but this time they were on poster boards located at different areas of the gym; everyone had to move around to each board using different motor skills like skipping to work on our three domains of psychomotor, affective, and cognitive. This was a lot of fun and some of the puzzles were difficult but everyone worked together to solve them. After solving puzzles, one of our TA's name Cassie taught a lesson on Rugby that was to show an example of how Lab C is suppose to look. She did a great job following the C-9 form and her lesson had great transitions from one activity to the next. Cassie fully explain the game of rugby using its history, cues for throwing, and safety so no one was tackling each other in the gym. Her cues for throwing the rugby ball was two hands on the ball with thumbs facing up, turn the door knob with both hands, and step with opposition. The best thing about her lesson was that she incorporated game play at the end of the lesson so we could get an idea of how rugby is played. She used  the projector as her visual aid for her cues, but when trying to show a video, she faced technical difficulties like I did during my Lab B lesson. Overall her lesson was a great demonstration of how Lab C is supposed to look. Lastly, we went down stairs into the classroom to meet with our group members to discuss our ideas for our Lab C lessons.

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