Monday, February 27, 2012


On Day 17 of EDU 255, a group of 4 students, Lesley, Max, Emily, and Justin, taught their Lab C on the international called "Tchoukball". Class started off with Lesley teaching the Kindergarten lesson about how to throw a ball properly and she had great progressions and demonstrations. Next was Max, who the 4th grade lesson, and he also focused on throwing but just to a partner. Then Emily taught the 8th grade lesson, which also focused on throwing,but this time we were throwing at specific targets like the rebound frame. Last was Justin who taught the 12th grade lesson, which focused more on game play because all of the aspects of the game was covered in the previous lessons. Overall, this group did a great job today introducing this unfamiliar sport, and Tchoukball is a lot of fun and I wouldn't mind playing this game outside of class.

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