Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Double Sided Swing and Jump"

On day 10 of EDU 255, I taught the "Double Sided Swing and Jump" skill for our Lab B. I was second to teach, so I had time to prepare my lesson and to plug in all my equipment I was using. For this Lab, I decided to use a projector instead of a poster board to show my visual aid because it was interesting to do and I wanted to get a head start on using projectors when teaching for the next couple of labs.

I first showed a short video on the projector, which was Ryan Reynolds in the X-men movie. In this particular scene that I showed, Ryan Reynolds was swinging his sword left and right to fight and protect himself; I showed this video so the class would get an idea of how to swing their jump rope like Ryan Reynolds. I tried to show the class my visual aid and class rules but I begin to have technical difficulties with the projector so I just went on with the lesson. The 3 cues I used to teach the double sided swing and jump was: 1. Swing Sword Right 2. Swing Sword Left 3. Open the Door and Jump. I thought these cues were creative and the class really caught on to them fast. I thought I did a great job teaching this skill, using progressions to do each cue step by step so everyone was comfortable using the jump rope. One thing I can work on more is giving better feedback to all the students in the class. In this lesson I walked around the front of the class instead of walking around to everyone to give positive feedback. After I taught, my classmates gave me feedback on things I did great and things I needed to work on which was very helpful.  Professor Yang did a quick individual debrief with me and assisted by one of the TA's to give me more feedback and to show me my evaluation form on the things I accomplished during the lesson such as an introduction, hook, safety statement, and etc. Overall everyone who taught today did a great job and it's a good thing when you can learn from your own classmates that can help you be a better teacher. 
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