Friday, January 27, 2012

Second Times A Charm

Eli Manning during a 2007 training camp    vs.    Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots duri...
Day 5 of EDU 255 was great!!! We got a second chance to improve on our 4 minute lesson from the skills we taught in the first day of class. I taught the football pass again and this time I felt more comfortable teaching than last time. Some positives from today's lesson is that I included a better introduction that got my classmates more interested in the skill I was teaching. I started with a great "hook", which was using two quarterbacks, Eli Manning from the Giants and Tom Brady from the Patriots, who will be playing in this years Superbowl. I thought this was great idea to use because these individuals are two elite passers who everyone knows from the NFL. Another good thing about my lesson today was that I incorporated safety tips to prevent any injuries and I spoke loud enough that everyone was able to hear me, even from far distances. On the other hand, some negative things about today's class was that when walking around to give feedback, I was talking to one side of the class and leaving my back turned to the rest. This is not good because when I actually start teaching, I will have to pay attention to all my students at the same time to notice any misbehaved children or any students slacking off during the lesson. If my back is turned I can't see what the other students are doing; so I learned that instead I should walk outside the practice area and give feedback to students while still paying attention to everyone else. But overall, I thought I did a great job today and I was very confident about today's lesson. Since day 1 of EDU 255, I have learned a lot from the feedback giving to me by Professor Yang and the TA's. I learned that I have to speak loud and with passion so that my students will be more engaged into my activities and any other physical aspects of life. I also learned that it doesn't take long to get students in P.E classes physically active. In 4 minutes, you can have your students sweating, tired, and have their heart racing. I thought the rest of my classmates did a great job teaching today, showing much improvement from Day 1.

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