Friday, January 20, 2012

Day Dos of Exciting Activites

On the second day of EDU 255, we started the class with Frisbee tossing between partners of the same color penny that the TA's handed out to us. We then begin to incorporate different throwing motions like over head (hammer), non dominant hand, side throw and etc. I really was impressed when a classmate name Emily was able to throw the Frisbee using a bounce pass which was cool to watch. After working on new throwing motions  with the Frisbee, we went into mini Ultimate Frisbee games, first with no defender, then eventually we played keep away with a TA and Professor Yang. This mini game was a lot fun and I didn't realize how much it made me sweat. To give us a break from running around, Professor Yang decided to play "concentration", which is a great cognitive game that shows students some blind-spots in their memory about certain things they usually don't think about; we use specific topics like colors, sports, and football teams. Next we adventured into some yoga that was great for my balance and flexibility as track runner, and trust me it wasn't easy at all. The last activity we did was "The Name Game" with one of the TA's also name Eric. I was fortunate enough to be towards the beginning of the big circle, but it was a great ice breaker game to get to know everyone's name and the skill they taught on the first day of class. From today's class, I know this is going to be a fun semester and with great people to experience it with.

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