Wednesday, January 18, 2012

4 Minute Trial

On the first day of class, Professor Yang had split the class up into two groups and everyone for each group had to teach a 4 minute lesson to their group they were assigned to. He gave us the option of using a basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, or no equipment to teach this 4 minute lesson. I was second to go from my group and I taught a lesson on throwing a football correctly using 4 cues; for a right hand person, 1) left shoulder faces target, 2) left foot step towards target, 3) high release ball over right shoulder, and 4) follow through. Everyone in the class did a great job even if though it was the first class. I think blogging is interesting because it shows other people what we're doing everyday in class and it could be helpful in the future as a teacher. I'm anxious about what PED 255 has to offer to further my learning in being the best educator I can be.

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