Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aint No Bugs On Me, But Its On You!!!!!!

On day 4 of EDU 255, we started our class with an instant activity of creating a big circle and someone going to the middle to show off some of their dancing skills to the music Mr. Yang was playing. Whatever the dance was that the person in the middle did, the whole class had to imitate the same dance and this was a lot of fun which got us more excited for class. Next we played a tag game that insisted of walking around with one tagger chasing everyone. If you were tagged, another classmate had to come over and say your name and the skill you taught and you had to say their name and skill they taught in order to be free again. It started off with one tagger and eventually became three to make it more challenging. We incorporated some other motor skills like skipping and galloping instead of just walking around to spicing things up. This activity was great for still getting to learn everyone names in the class and getting the heart pumping. We then stretched and Professor Yang led us into some yoga, which everyone is improving on their flexibility and balance from previous classes. After yoga, Mr. Yang sat us down to ask for some differences in his teaching compared to ours and some basic responses were that Mr. Yang incorporates a instant activity, a hook, and some safety concerns into his lesson that a lot of us don't do. After discussing our differences in teaching, we were assigned to a TA to work on our 4 minute lessons on Friday for Lab A2. In our groups we worked on our introductions, hooks, cues for our skills, some feedback, and closing statements that we are going to use on Friday for our lesson. Lastly, we ended class with a small activity that required us to work on projecting our voices as future teachers so we will be able to communicate with our students in large spaces like gyms and outdoor sports. We were split up into two groups, facing each other in two lines, and the activity was to say "Aint no bugs on me, Aint no bugs on me, There might be bugs on you guys, But aint no bugs on me". Whatever group said it the loudest and with power won the game. Both teams were pretty even in volume and this activity really helped me realize how loud I have to speak when teaching in a physical education setting or whenever I'm talking to a large group of people so that my voice will be heard. I'm an official Rockstar!!!!

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