Monday, January 23, 2012

Gung Hey Fat Choy (Chinese New Year)

Overhand Grip, Top ViewOn day three of EDU 255 we begin class with a warm-up of throwing the Frisbee around to a partner using different throws we learned from last class. After the warm-up Professor Yang explained what today was, which is the Chinese New Year; he gave us a brief overview of the history of the Chinese culture and taught us how to say "Gung Hey Fat Choy". Professor Yang then split the class up into groups of four, two on offense and two on defense, and told us we had to play keep away for 20 seconds hard and rest for 10 seconds for 4 minutes straight. This game required great endurance, speed, strategy, skill,and teamwork. Me and my partner Trisha did a great job working together using our endurance from track to out work our opponents who were very tired and out of shape. Next, Professor Yang conducted us into some yoga to recuperate from the last activity, working on more flexibility, balance, and strength. After yoga, the class was then put back into the same groups we had for the first activity, and this time we had to pass the Frisbee around to each other with no defender, for at least 5 passes, while walking to score a goal at 3 different goals. As we played, we implemented the fake pass and added a defender to each goal to make it harder to score. There was a lot of traffic during the game due to the fact that all the groups were passing their Frisbee at the same time and in the same space; but my group was able to score at will. Lastly, we went to a classroom to go over the syllabus and what Professor Yang requires from us for this semester. I notice that the way Professor Yang teaches is different from the way I teach. One difference is that he uses music that everyone enjoys for his signal for attention which very unique because most P.E teachers use their whistle for signaling. Another difference is that he always explains the safety of every skill and activity which is very important for young students, where some future teachers like myself forget to remind their students and peers of the safety concerns required for every lesson. Everyday in 255 gets better an better!!!!
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  1. Nice Job Partner!! =] Our Frisbee skills are unstoppable!