Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Table Tennis Bulletin Board

Apart of my  EDU 255 final for the class, my Professor had us create a bulletin board on the sport we taught in Lab D or the theme of our lessons. Some students were paired up and some did the bulletin board by themselves. I was paired with another student name Justin Nassivera, in which we decided to do our bulletin board on our lessons of table tennis and the skills we taught during the lesson. We magically split the board half way, so one side was for my skill and the other side was for his skill. My skill was the forehand topspin, and the cues were "reach, grease, and follow through". Justin's skill was the side spin, and his cues were"slice, strike, and follow through". We added pictures of each of our cues to show everyone how each cue is suppose to be performed. We also added the history of table tennis, the rules of table tennis, and any further information our viewers wanted to know about the sport, and how students can play outside of the normal class period. Even though it took us a long time to create this bulletin board, it was definitely worth our time. This project prepares us for our EDU 256 course, where we have to do observation hours at a middle school for one week, and then at a high school for one week. During this two week process, we have to create a bulletin board for the school's physical education department. By doing this table tennis bulletin board I know what to expect when I start the next one, I know how much time I might need to finish the board, and lastly, the amount of supplies I will need to make the board look presentable to others. I believe bulletin boards can be a great way to inform people on information about staying healthy and active, and can help them find the right activity for them. Not only will the board help them become informed, but will also give them the information they need to start engaging in these activities.  

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