Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Portfolio Showcase Spring 2012

On Thursday April 26, 2012 I had the the opportunity to attend the Spring 2012 Portfolio Showcase held in Park Center Building where the Cortland P.E Department awarded 16 teacher-candidates with honors on their professional portfolio. The recipients who I really admire were Lima Stafford and Jamie Boldish. 

Lima Stafford

 Jamie Boldish

By viewing Lima's portfolio I notice that she very organized and everything looked neat and presentable. She had a lot of certificates showing how active she was during her 4 years at Cortland and everything she did, she did to the best of her ability. One thing Lima told me was "take advantage of your college experience by getting involved. The years are flying by quick and will not be waiting on you. Take advantage of what college has to offer and get to know and understand yourself first. You can't help others if you can't help yourself or have no idea who you are. Learn to love Suny Cortland instead of complaining about it". I really took that to heart and she really inspired me get involved more with the physical education program and any other programs on campus. When I viewed Jamie's portfolio, I notice that it was different from the others. It was unique in its own way, and Jamie is a very creative person so she made her portfolio stand out among the others. Just like Lima, Jamie was very involved during her 4 years at Cortland, and she received many awards also for all her great accomplishments. Looking through the portfolio, I notice that everything was easy to read and every section had great pictures of Jamie teaching or volunteering. Jamie told me to "do more than I'm ask of, instead of just doing what's required because it shows how much you care about your profession and brings out the best in not just you as a teacher but the best in your future students". I really learned a lot from this portfolio showcase and it gave me motivation to stay involved and to take advantage of every opportunity given to me because you never know when that next opportunity will roll around. 

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