Friday, April 27, 2012

Other Lab D's

For our last teaching lessons of Lab D, my classmates taught different sports and activities to the class in EDU 255. From the video you will see that we had a wide range of lessons, from performing yoga to learning how to play speed stacking with cups. I felt like everyone did a awesome job at teaching their lessons, using great technology, and dealing with several behavioral and life threatening problems such as seizures and broken arms. I not only learned so much from Professor Yang, but I learned a lot from my own peers. They taught me how to be more creative, going beyond my abilities, stepping out of my comfort zone, and learning how to work well with others on a professional level. From the beginning of this semester to the final ending, we all have improve so much as future physical educators; learning how to speak louder to a large group of people, knowing how to modify your lesson for students who may be having trouble with the skills or students who need more of a challenge so they won' be bored during class. From EDU 255, I've made great friends with dedicated individuals who love teaching physical education and who want to make a major impact on the younger generation on how to live a healthy and well fit lifestyle. I'm going to miss this class and I hope the best for everyone I came in contact with through EDU 255.
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